Get observations from a version of the dataset. By providing a single option for each dimension, a single observation will be returned. A wildcard (*) can be provided for one dimension, to retrieve a list of observations.


Name Type Description
edition path An edition of a dataset
id path Id that represents a dataset
version path A version of a dataset
<dimension_options> query The name of the dimension option and a single value; each option (dimension) and corresponding value (code) must exist against the version - e.g. `age=30` or one of the dimension options can be represented by a wildcard value `*` e.g. `geography=*`



Json object containing all metadata for a version


Invalid request, reasons can be one of the following: * query parameters missing expected dimensions * query parameters contain incorrect dimensions * too many query parameters are set to wildcard (*) value; only one query parameter can be equal to *


Resource not found, reasons can be one of the following: * dataset id was incorrect * edition was incorrect * version was incorrect * observations not found for selected query paramaters


Failed to process the request due to an internal error